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Live Entertainment
At Swad Ri Dhani we try to provide past Rajasthani Culture with a lots of colors, entertainment, fun, dance, rhythmic music, and live shows. The shows and folk dances at Swad Ri Dhani will chance you a glimpse of life away from the modern technology, where the old forms of entertainment are still surviving. You will enjoy magic shows, puppet shows, different rajasthani dances, astrologer and more under one roof...

Magic Shows

There is nothing that captures the magical spirit of the lad as much as the conjuror who enthralls his audience with sleights of had and a range of tricks. Only the adventurous can volunteer to be sawed in half. Magic @ Swad Ri Dhani give you a glimpse of traditional magic shows at Indian Maharajas' courts. Our Magician will enchant you with his tricks and games and you will have totally dazzled by the spell and aura of the pompous ambience of the magical shows.

Puppet Show
String puppetry, known as "Kathputli Show", is one of the most vibrant aspects of Rajasthani culture. These handmade wooden puppets are much more than just plaything or decorative dolls. They are a part of the traditional performance of puppetry – narrating an event from history, myths, folklore or legend, complete with music and speech. They are the repository of traditional wisdom, knowledge and social mores. Within them are contained the oral history of the region.

Loud beats on the dholak (a kind of drum) announce the starting of the puppet show. The puppeteers manipulate the puppets with a whistling, squeaking voice and are interpreted by a narrator who also provides the rhythms. The puppeteer takes a ghungroo (string of bells) in his hands and plays it according to the rhythm. Each of the puppet shows of Rajasthan has a theme different from the other.

Rajasthani puppetry is a source of pure joy, entertainment, cultural enrichment and artistic satisfaction.

Tarot reading and Palmistry

Indian Astrology is considered to be one of the oldest, most accurate and consistent form of astrology all over the world. Facts and Myths about knowing your future. See how your future is predicted by astrologers and the factors responsible for your growth, prosperity, long life, love life, life partners, health and everything which matters to you. Methodology of various means of predicting the unpredictable future and the past incidents. Astrologer at Swad Ri Dhani predicts your future with tarot card reading and palmistry for more accuracy.

Rajasthani Dances

The vibrancy of Rajasthan is never completely discovered until you engulf yourself in the music and dance of it. Patronized by erstwhile royalty, the music and dance of Rajasthan follows a legacy that dates back to several centuries. The rich folklore and culture has added some more sparkles to its glory making Rajasthani dance and music a treasured jewel in Indian culture. Enjoy a dance performance and we can say for sure that you can't help yourself from shaking your body in the hypnotizing melody and beat.


One of the most sensuous dance forms of Rajasthan, performed by the Kalbeliya snake charmers’ community, the sapera dancers wear long, black skirts embroidered with silver ribbons. As they spin in a circle, their body sways acrobatically, so that it is impossible to believe that they are made of anything other than rubber. As the beat increases in tempo, the pace increases to such a pitch that it leaves the viewer as exhausted as the dancer.

Kalbeliya Kalbeliya Night Dance Kalbeliya Fire Dance Bhopa Bhopi Bhavai

Bhopa Bhopi
Bhopa-bhopi is the age old traditional form of folk songs and dance of Rajasthan. The men and women of the desert sway to the tunes of old Rajasthani folk songs. It is hard not to be tempted to join.

Bhavai Dance
One of the state's most spectacular performances, it consists of veiled women dancers balancing up to seven or nine brass pitchers as they dance nimbly, pirouetting and then swaying with the soles of their feet perched on the top of a glass or on the edge of the sword. There is sense of cutting edge suspense and nail biting acts in the dance.

Charee Dance
In Charee Dance dancers choreograph deft patterns with their hands while balancing brass pots on their heads. The performance is made more picturesque with the flames from cottonseeds set alight, so that the bobbing heads create streaks of illuminating patterns as they move effortlessly around the floor.

Ghoomar Dance Live Ghoomar Dance
Charee Ghoomar Live Ghoomar Dance Kachchi Ghodi 
Ghoomar Dance
The famous Ghoomar, Rajasthan's popular dance gets its name from ghoomna, the pirouetting which displays spectacular colors of the flowing ghagra, the long skirt of the Rajasthani women in a circle in the company of a kettledrum.

Kachchi Ghodi
The famous dance form largely associated with marriage festivities called kachchi-Ghodi. Four to five persons in the attire of a bridegroom are presented as if riding horses. It is a sprightly dance where the men costumes resembling horses and pretend to be cavalry soldiers or horsed bandits. Their valor and humorous episodes of their exploits are the themes of Kachchi Ghodi songs. The costume from hip down is a wooden horse and the footwork is coordinated with the beats of the drums and flutes to resemble the trotting movements of the horse rider. One is always left awestruck at the skill of the performers and the labor that has bee put into fashioning out such an attire.

Terah Taali
The terahtali is a tantalizing dance performed by women while sitting. The women have manjeeras( little brass discs) tied with long strings to their wrists, elbows, waists, arms and a pair in their hands as well. Their male accompanists sing and play the tandoora while the women, with fine movements, create a strong rhythm with the manjeeras. It is a devotional form of dance performed to honor the folk hero - Baba Ramdeoji.

Gair is performed during the festival of Holi. Gair basically means circle or round. It is performed in a circle and that is how it has got its name. The men wear long skirts which have pleats and open out in full - length skirts and dance with the beats of dhol, thali and mardal. Dancers on these beats carrying their long sticks. When they are dancing it seems as if they are depicting a scene from war front.

Rajasthani Kalbeliya Dance
Terah Taali Gair Fire Dance Kalbeliya Dance
Fire Dance ( Agni Nach )
Fire Dance performed on the coal flames on the beat of drums. Extraordinary performance of fire dancers may take your breath away when they dance on the bed of flaming coals swaying their body at drum beats. You will not find any blister in their feet and this shows the immense talent and perseverance they have for the sake of art.
...and more

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