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The Resort
Calling honeymooners, nature lovers, and family from all over to enjoy their vacation, Swad Ri Dhani is one among the most visited eco-funcity in village environment, showing glimpse of Rajasthani Culture and Indian Traditions. On the one hand, the beautiful location, rides, fun, magic, live performances, puppet shows, folk dances and all pleasure activities will attract you and your family to come and enjoy the Swad Ri Dhani, on the other its delicious cuisine specially Rajasthani Dal-Batti-Churma, leisure areas and Hang-outs will compel to come here again and again.

At Swad Ri Dhani you will find all facilities for a wedding or grand party, its lush green gardens, rajasthani performances and delicious multi cuisine food will definitely remain in your memories for the whole life.

Here we are trying to show a glimpse of what exactly Swad Ri Dhani is:

Culture @ Swad Ri Dhani
Swad Ri Dhani is a village green (village theme park) near the tourist city Ajmer. Here, we tried to preserve, encourage and present our village art and culture. Swad Ri Dhani is full of village wall paintings called 'Mandanas' with colourful arts at the Indian Palaces and Havelis (Small king's residences). Our live performances, folk dances, rajasthani puppet shows, rides, cuisine, hang-outs, low machaans, charpoys, lantern adorned pathways, rajasthani hookah, bullock carts, games and all fun activities shows rural ambiance.
Taste @ Swad Ri Dhani
Swad Ri Dhani is a pure vegetarian multi cuisine restaurant and renowned for its mouth watering and typical Rajasthani food, served to you on a leaf platter in the tradition of Manuhaar. Your taste buds will remember this treat for a long time, while the warmth of service will stay in your heart forever.
Party @ Swad Ri Dhani
Swad Ri Dhani offers lush green gardens, marriage and party halls with all catering services, where your group or family will enjoy themselves with rural activities, folk dances and music. You may choose an open area for all your dinner arrangements and decoration or an ethnic hall decorated with wall paintings and mandanas.
Entertainment @ Swad Ri Dhani
At Swad Ri Dhani we have rajasthani folk dances like, ghoomer, kalbeliya dance, terah taali, charee dance, bhopa bhoopi dance and a lot more which cannot be counted, rajasthani puppet show, magic shows, taroot reader, pani patasi, rajasthani hookah, traditional market, low machaans, mini zoo, duck pond, rain dance floor, fire dance, acrobatics on bamboo, rope walking and many more to entertain you.
Thrill @ Swad Ri Dhani
Feel the thrill, excitement and pleasure of riding on a camel, horse, bullock cart, tonga or on an elephant. Visit whole Swad Ri Dhani like a king or nawab. You may also enjoy the thrill at boating or while passing through the lantern jungle or when you lost in the bhool bhulaiya (the maze).
Sports @ Swad Ri Dhani
Enjoy indian sports archery, gun shooting like kings, swing jhoolas, see saw with modern snakes and ladders, ring game and the maze.
Nature @ Swad Ri Dhani
Swad Ri Dhani become a beautiful hamlet because of its location and connectivity with all major cities of India. It is located far away from the hustle-bustle of cities in spite of that it is just 12 km away from Ajmer Bus Stand and just 120 km from Jaipur Airport. At Swad Ri Dhani we tried to maintain the purity of natural looks with village ambiance.


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