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Fun Zone
Discern different and traditional games played in India since from the era of civilization to today's world. At Swad Ri Dhani you will find many fun activities to play and to enjoy.

Bhool Bhulaiya (Large Maze)

It is a maze where you have to find your way out from complex tunnels.

Saanp Seedhi (Snakes and Ladders)

It is simply Snakes and ladders' game on a huge board and dice where you play the role of counter.

Nat Ro Kartab (Acrobatics on a Bamboo)

See this gutsy feat live. The brave artiste balances himself on a bamboo without the protection of a safety net beneath.

Jungle Sair (Theme Park)

Jungle Sair is a theme park based on forest theme. You will definitely enjoy the thrill and excitement till the end.

Traditional Village Games

Ring Games
Be concentrate... and through the ring to show your skills and win the target.

Shooting has been a popular sport in India since yore. Shooting was a favorite sport with the Maharajas of the former princely states of India. These Indian kings were expert with guns and often used to go on shooting sprees on horseback. So be a part of that era and try to hit your target like a king.
Archery is a sport that make use of a bow to shoot arrows. Historically it has been used in hunting and combat and now it has become a precision sport.
...and more

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