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Swad Ri Dhani - A Brief

Swad Ri Dhani is a village green (village theme park) near the tourist city Ajmer. Here, we tried to preserve, encourage and present our village art and culture. Swad Ri Dhani is full of village wall paintings called 'Mandanas' with colourful arts at the Indian Palaces and Havelis (Small king's residences). Our live performances, folk dances, rajasthani puppet shows, rides, cuisine, hang-outs, low machaans, charpoys, lantern adorned pathways, rajasthani hookah, bullock carts, games and all fun activities shows rural ambiance. Swad Ri Dhani is one among the most visited eco-funcity in village greens, showing glimpse of Rajasthani Culture and Indian Traditions. On the one hand, the beautiful location, rides, fun, magic, live performances, puppet shows, folk dances and all pleasure activities attracts tourists to come and enjoy the Swad Ri Dhani, on the other its delicious cuisine specially Rajasthani Dal-Batti-Churma, leisure areas and Hang-outs compel to come here again and again.

Our Franchise

Opportunity to be a part of fastest growing and profit-making business, which not only earns money for you but also gives peace of mind to preserve and enhance the indian village art and culture. We will give our full support to establish Swad Ri Dhani, showing your nearby village culture. Following are the Prerequisites for our franchise:
  • Land- 7- 8 acres
  • Suburbs, Close to the leading city, preferably on highway.
  • Investment- 1.5-2.0 crores


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