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Ronaldo - New York, USA
Its a complete prototype Rajasthani village with all kind of activities happening. From Puppet show, folk dances, camel/elephant/bullock cart rides to parrot astro reading, pottery, magician and what not. And for the lazy ones like me :), you can have a hearty meal, first things first..food is awesome!! A must go place if you are a foodie and want to experience Rajasthani cuisine. And then just laze around on the comfortable "charpais" under a tree shade or on a 'Machaan' (or in the evenings next to an "anghithi"). Awesome stuff!!

Alex - New Jersey, USA
It is a nice place and the people overdo themselves with their hospitality. The entry is cheap and includes Rajasthani vegetarian food served in typical Rajasthani fashion and in unlimited (some say excessive) quantities. The setting is of typical rural Rajasthan with camel rides, horse carts, bullock carts, a magician, palmist, dancers and other performers in Rajasthani dresses. These are at additional though minimal cost.

Chrlouise - London, UK
Inside, Swad Ri Dhani you have young women dancing with pots on their heads, street acrobats with children spinning on poles, young boys dancing to folk tunes, camel rides, cotton candy on sticks, hookahs being passed around and a haat (market) selling everything.

Astings - Berlin, Germany
The mud-caked walls gave a rural touch to the whole setting. The walls were decorated with colorful "Rangoli", all were giving a typical Rajasthani Look. The notes of "Been", "Ektara", beats of "Dhol" made the place even more ethnic. The whole place was strewn with gems from land of Rajputs. A puppet show, dance performance by Kalbelia dancer, dhol, folk dances, bamboo climbing, camel rides, bullock cart rides, rope swings, small shops, Bhool bhulaiya... you name it, you have it there. Instead of benches there were woven charpoy's. The food was served in "Pattal" on a "Chauki". Kadhi, Chana Sabzi, Gatte ki sabzi, sangri ki sabzi, aaloo ki sabzi,Chane ki Daal and plain roti. Gosh, it was too much.

Harvey - Oslo, Norway
We ate Bajre ki roti and makke ki roti followed by Baati and Churma. The Churma was laced with two big spoons of Ghee. And then came a beaming attendant with rice. The food was delicious, but I couldn't help it. It was just too much for me. Then we spent a great time sitting on machaans counting stars and chatting till late night. All in all, Swad Ri Dhani was a blessing in disguise to enjoy the rich, royal, mystical culture of Rajasthan.

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